shige tattoo  Shige’s

vibrantly colorful bodysuits were the big award winners at the London Tattoo Convention in 2005 and 2006, where he was competing against massive names such as Filip Leu, Paul Booth, and Tin Tin. As a result, Shige has earned elite rockstar status in the world’s tattoo pantheon and this big beautiful book of incredible images further testifies to his mastery of the art.


In what could be called a tribute review of a book no longer in print. State of Grace created a book to rule them all, a monster of tattoo art at 328 full color pages. There are only a few of these books on the market, and when there gone, there gone.


After printing and selling 5000 copies of the first ever monograph on the legendary Japanese tattoo artist, Shige, State Of Grace has finally made the PDF available as a download! 320 pages chronicling the life and work of Shige, this is a must have for Japanese tattoo enthusiasts and tattoo artists. In full vibrant color.

tumblr_mn70fnsHlY1qhjkuyo1_500  The best Irezumi there is! May 3, 2011, By Lee,

If you have any interest in Japanese Tattoos and like Shige’s work then this is a must buy the stories are enlightening and the Pictures are awesome, and the price is the best out there.shige_japanese_tattoo_back_piece

Portrait of a Genius August 23, 2010 By Richie Jingles

An absolute sublime treat for the eyes and soul— an visually in depth study of one man’s tattoo journey and we get to go along for the ride. Shige is on par of the great tattoo master Horiyoshi, but has forged his own singular style within Japanese tradition. This kind of magnificent work enriches any one who gazes at it. Let the fine art critics who rhapsodize with great and undeserved verbiage about smeared paint on canvas take a real look at work that shows both great vision and great skill, qualities which the fine art world dismisses these days. “Craft doesn’t matter” is their refrain… Let them gaze on this and despair.

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