Tattoo World

Tattoo, tattoo design, tattoo world

Tattoo World

by: Michael B. kaplan, Marisa Kakoulas

Once considered part of the counterculture movement, tattooing is now undoubtedly a mainstream practice. Although the history of   tattooing is rooted in ancient customs and beliefs, it is a constantly evolving art form, as skilled practitioners continually reinterpret traditional motifs and experiment with new ones. With more than 1,000 illustrations from 125 of the most important artists working today, this book is the most comprehensive survey of tattooing ever published. Collected here are designs from around the globe, spanning a broad range of styles, including Japanese and East Asian iconography, classic Americana, and photorealism, among others. Featuring the work of tattoo legends alongside pieces by pioneering artists pushing the limits of the medium, this visually arresting survey is the essential reference work for anyone interested in this exploding art form

Tattoo, tattoo design, tattoo world

William Clemo, gave Tattoo World 5/5 stars, and wrote.

“This book is a great end table book that shows pretty much all styles and gives a brief bio of artists who specialize in that style. Wonderful pictures and a the price fits into everyone’s range for great books. I have books that I’ve paid more for that aren’t as nice as this.”

Tattoo, tattoo design, tattoo world

Ashley give 5/5 stars and says,

“Best coffee table tattoo book I’ve ever read. Completely filled with beautiful pictures of various types of styles, explaining what they are and mini bios on the top artists specializing in those styles. Definitely worth the read.”

Tattoo, tattoo design, tattoo world

Oleg Turyanskiy an artist featured in Tattoo world writers about it on his site,

Tattoo World Book by Marisa Kakoulas and Michael Kaplan, which was released a few month ago, features some of my black and gray animal portrait tattoos. This hardback book includes more than a 1000 illustrations from 125 tattoo artists from around the globe and represent different tattoo styles on 384 pages.

I also want to add that it was honor for me to be a part of this project which came out fantastic.

Tattoo, tattoo design, tattoo world

About the author Marisa Kakoulas is the author of Black Tattoo Art and Black and Grey Tattoo, and has written about tattoos for Inked magazine. Michael Kaplan is the author of three books and has written for publications including WiredDetails, and the New York Times.

Tattoo, tattoo design, tattoo world

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